Passage 18 – Reavis Canyon

We had a hardy crew come out for what was going to be a hot day in the field.  A total of 3+1 leader headed out to Reavis Canyon TH to walk 2.5 miles in and do some rock work.  The 3 volunteers were eager to learn a new skill and 1 even just finished her thru hike of the AZT.  We surveyed, gathered rocks to put in place, and broke some ground.  Half way thru we took a break in some shade.  After our quick break we finished the last half and concluded at 12:30.  We headed back to the vehicle for sandwiches, water or Gatorade.  Which the volunteers were very thankful for.  I want to say special thanks to the volunteers Joey, Jarid, and Ally.  You all rocked!