Avoid Harshaw Road

Arizona Trail users are discouraged from using Harshaw Road along the Canelo Hills-West Passage (#3) of the Arizona National Scenic Trail. This 2.8-mile stretch of pavement used to be a quiet rural road, so when the original Arizona Trail route was developed it was an acceptable route to avoid private land nearby. But over the past year the road has seen increased mining activity south of Patagonia, making the narrow road unsafe for passenger cars and especially dangerous for hikers and mountain bikers. Equestrians should not attempt this stretch of roadway, as there are numerous roadway constrictions where there is no shoulder, putting equines and riders at risk.

The Arizona Trail Association is in the process of developing a new segment of the AZT that will bypass this area entirely, making the trail safer and more pleasant for all. The new trail alignment will connect Red Bank Well with Gardner Canyon through the Coronado National Forest and private land. We anticipate trail construction will begin in 2019. Between now and then, day users should avoid Harshaw Road entirely and thru-hikers and riders should use extreme caution along this stretch of road.