Celebrate National Trails Day® on Saturday, June 5th

Do you love trails? Does time spent on the Arizona Trail enrich your life? Then join us in celebrating National Trails Day® on Saturday, June 5 along with American Hiking Society and trail organizations nationwide! Here are just a few ways you can participate:

Hit the Trail!

Get out on the Arizona Trail, or any trail, on June 5th to hike, run, pedal or ride. Post photos on social media and share a personal story about why trails are important to you. Be sure to tag @aztassociation and @americanhiking, and use the hashtags #arizonatrail and #nationaltrailsday.

Give Back

A foundational ethic of the Arizona Trail is stewardship, so we invite you to leave a trail better than you found it. One easy way to do this is by bringing a trash bag and hand sanitizer with you whenever you head outdoors, and remove whatever litter you may find.

We also invite you to join us for a trail maintenance opportunity in 2021. Check out the opportunities through our Volunteer website, and discover the immense joy that comes from caring for the AZT through a few hours of hard work and connecting with other like-minded folks.

Invest in the AZT

Trails don’t maintain themselves, and green space for all doesn’t magically appear. Donate to the Arizona Trail Association or other trail organizations to help protect your favorite trails and advocate for access for all – today and for future generations.

Honor Ancestral Lands

Whenever you’re enjoying trails and public lands, learn more about the indigenous people who have lived here since time immemorial. With 22 federally recognized Native American tribes in Arizona today, it’s likely that every foot of the AZT is on ancestral land. If you need helping learning more, there a smartphone app called Native Land that’s a good start. To dig deeper, check out the websites for each of Arizona’s tribes here. Consider including land acknowledgements within your social media posts to increase awareness of Arizona’s rich cultural history.

Speak Up

Tell your Member of Congress to Co-Sponsor the Transit to Trails Act and include the legislation in any transportation and infrastructure package.

Recreate Responsibly

Keep yourself healthy, keep others safe, and preserve and protect public lands, waters, and parks. Check out these helpful guidelines and join the movement.

Tell a Friend

Celebrations are more fun and successful with friends, so invite others to join you in participating in National Trails Day!