AZT Expeditions

Hike, Run or Ride some of the greatest portions of the Arizona National Scenic Trail without carrying the weight!

AZT Expeditions is a partnership between the Arizona Trail Association and Hermosa Tours, LLC. Working together, we have designed separate itineraries for hikers, mountain bikers and trail runners which feature some of the most scenic passages of the Arizona Trail. Itineraries range between three to five days with very affordable pricing and group sizes are limited to 12 or fewer.

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The pain of carrying a heavy backpack, organizing multi-day trip logistics and arranging shuttles to and from remote trailheads will now be completely eliminated with the help of AZT Expeditions. These self-guided adventures are ideal for individuals, couples, families and groups of friends who are independent and adventurous enough to travel long distances on the Arizona Trail without a guide, but who would rather not carry all of their food, water and camping gear to each day’s destination. Just grab what you need for the day and hit the trail. An AZT Expeditions leader drives all your food and gear to camp each night, sets up a deluxe kitchen and bathroom, and waits for you to arrive. You move along the trail at your own pace, assemble your own tent, cook your own food, and create your own AZT experience.

The structure of the trips allows each individual to have as deluxe or dirtbag of an experience as they desire. You buy and cook your own food, so the menu is completely up to you. You provide your own camping gear, so the comfort level is yours to decide. You bring your own beverages to enjoy at the end of a long day, but AZT Expeditions keep ‘em cold. AZT Expeditions provides a deluxe kitchen and all of the pots, pans, skillets, utensils and other cooking necessities. They also bring along a backcountry privy so you don’t need to dig catholes when it’s time to use the bathroom (this also minimizes the impact to the natural resources near the trail). Folding chairs, firewood and a friendly leader are also part of the package. AZT Expeditions also provides custom-made maps for each day. Perhaps most importantly, AZT Expeditions provides fresh drinking water – an element entirely absent along much of the Arizona Trail.

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