Four Peaks Opens After Seven-Month Closure

On Friday, February 5 the Tonto National Forest rescinded the Bush Fire Closure Order that has affected over 32 miles of the Arizona National Scenic Trail’s Passages 20 (Four Peaks) and 21 (Pine Mountain) since the Bush Fire started in June of 2020.

Thanks to the hard work of the Arizona Trail Association, Arizona Conservation Corps and Conservation Corps New Mexico, some of the hillsides impacted by the Bush Fire have been stabilized and deadfall has been removed. However, hikers should exercise extreme caution within severely burned areas with steep side slopes. Falling trees, sloughing hillsides, unstable soils, debris traveling downhill, and the possibility of flash floods during storms are all very real hazards. Consider postponing your adventure or taking a zero day if rain is in the forecast, especially within Four Peaks Wilderness of Passage 20 and the Boulder Canyon area of Passage 21.

Kudos to our partners at the Tonto National Forest for securing funds necessary to address emergency stabilization of the Arizona Trail, and for trusting the ATA with trail conditions assessments within the burn zone.

Routine maintenance will be needed throughout the Bush Fire burn scar for many years into the future, but working together we can protect and maintain this beautiful segment of the AZT.