We are the Arizona Trail VETS (Veteran Engagement & Trail Stewardship) Crew!

Our motto is: WE build, WE protect.”

Our mission is to connect those who have served our country with fellow veterans and the Arizona National Scenic Trail.

The ATA Veteran Program was designed to create meaningful opportunities, on and off the trail, for military veterans.

Upcoming Events:

The ATA is proud and honored to offer multiple ways for veterans to get involved through:

  • Volunteer events exclusively for the veteran community
  • Local meet-ups
  • Team sponsored events (races, community service, etc)
  • Social engagement through FacebookInstagram, and Twitter
  • 5+ day immersive experiences within AZT Passages (Seasonal/TBD)

Contact Michael “Chappy” Chappell for more info: call/text (970) 779-5740 or click to email

The ATA is a proud sponsor of The Warrior Hike Program with Warrior Expeditions, which includes 8 long-distance hiking expeditions, where veterans are provided with everything required to complete an expedition at no cost.

  • Equipment, Clothing, and Supplies: Warrior Expeditions outfit veterans with some of the most highly rated equipment, clothing, and supplies available from the outdoor retail industry.
  • Training and Orientation: Warrior Expeditions provides gear and skills training needed to successfully complete the expedition and shadows veterans during the first leg of their journey to answer questions and troubleshoot issues.
  • Community Support: Warrior Expeditions coordinates support in the forms of transportation, lodging, and food from community supporters located along the trail.

For more information about this incredible program, please visit their website, and take a moment to watch the 2019 ATA Annual Meeting video of Mike “Bloody Feet” Buckley’s presentation and his experience hiking the AZT sponsored by Warrior Expeditions.

Contact info

Michael “Chappy” Chappell – Veteran Outreach Coordinator

Call/text (970) 779-5740 or click to email