With the recent improvements to the AZT/Colonel Devin trail, the sign at the trailhead was looking pretty shabby in comparison.  Indications were that it was over 25 years old, and it showed it.  The FS agreed to provide a new one if ATA volunteers would install it.  What a deal!

A stout natural post was harvested near Pine and hauled to Washington Park.  Roger and Joe worked digging the post hole while Shawn started preparing the post—chamfering the top and flattening the side where the sign is attached.  It was slow going but we had a shady spot to work in.  A tamper bit for the jackhammer worked perfectly to tamp the large post into the hole.

The crew then installed two “equestrian bypass” signs near the lower bridge in response to comments that the trail junctions are confusing.  Having worked there so much for three years we wouldn’t know what it looks like to someone seeing it for the first time, so we took their word for it.

Topping off the day was a walk to the upper bridge to check for and remove poison ivy, and to move some logs out of sight.  The crew returned to the vehicles just as the showers started.


Not bad for 25+ years old, but getting pretty faded.


New sign installed, loading tools back into the Toyota.


All done.


The right trail goes up the canyon, the left goes down across the creek towards the trailhead.

   Just to the left of the lower bridge.