Border Wall & Southern Terminus Closure Update

The southern mile of the Arizona Trail and the southern terminus remain closed and off limits to the public. The trail and terminus have been closed since border wall construction began in July of 2020. A total of 1,250 feet of cement-filled steel barriers have been installed near Border Monument #102.

Although President Biden’s Proclamation on January 20, 2021 terminated the national emergency on the southern border and ordered a 60-day pause in border construction projects, Coronado National Memorial has determined the area remains unsafe to the general public. Open trenches, unstable soils from blasting, and abandoned construction activities present hazards not commonly found in the backcountry. In addition, barbed wire fences along the international border that were removed to make way for steel barriers have not been replaced. Information on this closure is posted at Montezuma Pass, and on the Coronado National Memorial website, and on the Arizona Trail where Yaqui Ridge Trail intersects Joe’s Canyon Trail. Please obey the closure order until the area can be stabilized and safely reopened.

Thru-hikers are encouraged to either start at the Coronado National Memorial Visitor Center and hike up Joe’s Canyon Trail to the AZT, then head north. Another option is to start at Montezuma Pass, walk 0.7-mile south on the AZT to the closure area, then turn around and head north. Thru-hikers wanting to start their 800-mile journey at the international border are encouraged to explore options along Forest Roads to the west of Montezuma Pass that lead to Border Monument #103.

The Arizona Trail Association is advocating for reopening and rehabilitating the southern terminus as soon as possible. After all, this is one of the most important locations along the entire AZT. We kindly ask you respect the National Park Service’s closure order until it’s rescinded.