Gear Girls Summer Thru Ride Series


Where girls who love to bike come together to enjoy some of Flagstaff’s loveliest portions of the Arizona Trail.

We’ll ride point-to-point routes that meet and end at trailheads around Flagstaff. Families will provide transportation for the locations nearest to town, and group transportation will be optionally available for the return drive on June 27.

Girls in 4th-8th grade are welcome to register! Participants do not need to be currently or previously enrolled in Gear Girls.

Check out the route details and choose rides that sound like the most fun for you! Please ensure that you’re selecting rides that are appropriate for your skill and fitness level. The ratings below are based on technical difficulty, not the amount of physical exertion required.

There is no participation fee, and snacks will be provided! Scroll to the bottom of this page to register.

The Rides

Sunset Trailhead to Schultz Y
Sunday, June 20 •  9 – 11 am •  7.2 miles

Route: Sunset Trailhead -> AZT westward -> Lower Moto Trail -> Chimney Trail -> Schultz Crk Trail -> Schultz Y
Rating: Beginner-friendly/intermediate

The route is mostly a long descent with a few rocky obstacles sprinkled throughout to spice things up. From Sunset Trailhead, we’ll ride north briefly on the Secret Trail until we meet the Arizona Trail. We’ll wind southwest along glorious singletrack, curving around hillside slopes and drainages. After 3.7 miles, we’ll meet the Lower Moto Trail, where we’ll flow down smooth and rocky terrain. Then, we’ll link into the Chimney Trail and Schultz Creek for our final miles. This ride is simply a fun time–a Gear Girls favorite!


Aspen Corner to Forest Road 418
Sunday, June 27 •  9 am – 1 pm •  7.2 miles

Route: Aspen Corner Connector Trail -> AZT northward -> FR 418 (Transportation is optionally provided back to town.)
Rating: Beginner-friendly/intermediate

This is one of those rides that perfectly combines nature aesthetics with a fantastically flowy trail. Beginning from Aspen Corner, we’ll take the AZT north, travelling through high-elevation forests and gaining sweeping views in open meadows. It’s scientifically impossible not to smile wide as we switch back down, losing 500 feet of elevation in the last 3 miles. An alley of tall ferns welcomes us to the finish line of this fairy tale worthy route.

Transportation via a 15 passenger van will be optionally provided from Forest Road 418 to Thorpe Park. Families may provide their own transportation if preferred.


Aspen Corner to Schultz Y
Friday, July 2 •  8:30 am – 12:00 pm •  13.3 miles

Route: Aspen Corner Connector Trail -> AZT southward -> Lower Moto Trail -> Chimney Trail -> Schultz Creek -> Schultz Y
Rating: Intermediate/advanced

Because we literally can’t get enough downhill. From Aspen Corner, we’ll ride south on the Arizona Trail; this section gets rowdy at times, but there’s no shame in the “walk today, ride tomorrow” mentality. Eventually, we’ll cross the bottom of Snowbowl Road and continue along the base of the San Francisco Peaks. Here we’ll commence a gradual but steady climb through a gorgeous ponderosa forest to earn our final descent. Once we meet up with the Lower Moto Trail, a long downhill will reprieve our muscles, and some rocky features will keep us mentally engaged. Then, we’ll take the Chimney Trail to Schultz Creek and our pick up destination.


Elden Pueblo to Campbell Mesa Trailhead
Thursday, July 29 •  5:30 pm – 8:00 pm •  7.2 miles

Route: Elden Pueblo Connector Trail -> AZT southeast -> Flagstaff Loop Trail -> Campbell Mesa Trail -> Campbell Mesa Trailhead
Rating: Beginner-friendly

This route is a Flagstaff Eastside sampler platter. We’ll get everything from smooth singletrack to patches of cinder, from open meadows to juniper woodlands, from gorgeous views of Mount Elden to a viewshed totally cloaked in ponderosas. After crossing under Highway 89, we’ll take the AZT southwest, descending into Picture Canyon, crossing the Rio de Flag, and eventually climbing our way towards Campbell Mesa. The varied nature of this route keeps the terrain and riding consistently interesting. Bring along a trail dinner for this one!


Little Elden Spring to Willow Bend
Thursday, August 5 •  5:00 pm – 8:00 pm •  13.5 miles

Route: Little Elden Spring -> AZT southeast -> Christmas Tree Trail -> Pipeline Trail -> Buffalo Park -> AZT southward -> Sinclair Wash -> Willow Bend Environmental Education Center
Rating: Beginner-friendly/intermediate

Heading south from Little Elden Spring, we’ll traverse along Little Elden Mountain to the Christmas Tree Trail, where we’ll commence our descent towards the Pipeline Trail. The Christmas Tree Trail features a fun downhill with rocky obstacles throughout; this is the most technical part of the route. Next, travelling along the southern flank of Elden will involve some downhill dips but is mostly a sustained climb leading us to Buffalo Park. At Buffalo Park, we’ll rejoin the Arizona Trail, which leads us across McMillian Mesa, through underpasses, and along the FUTS. After a nice, easy descent, we meet the Sinclair Wash Trail, a pleasant, wide trail aside a green forested wash. We’ll end our journey at Willow Bend, where girls can enjoy Sawmill Park as they wait for rides. Plus, there may just be popsicles at the finish line. Pack a trail dinner for this one!