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Cover of Guidebook THE Guidebook
Your Complete Guide to the Arizona National Scenic Trail. This 388-page resource is the most comprehensive guidebook to the Arizona Trail ever compiled.

AZT Sticker NEW Arizona Trail Sticker
Inspired by the wild landscapes along the AZT, this vinyl sticker is made from an original watercolor paining by Holly Sage Art. Measures 3.3" x 3" and is weather-proof, scratch-proof, and truly original.

Passages In Poetry Book NEW The Arizona Trail: Passages in Poetry
The Arizona Trail: Passages in Poetry celebrates the American wilderness, wildland travel, and the glorious outdoors in recreation and re-creation through the eyes of a poet. Each poem in this new book by Arizona Trail steward and section-hiker Stephen Chaffee was inspired by the 800-mile trek from Mexico to Utah. Each poem is organized by AZT passages, from the Huachuca Mountains in the south to Buckskin Mountain in the north. The book also features original linoleum cut artwork, based on Stephen's photographs from the AZT.

Memorizing Shadows Book NEW Memorizing Shadows
A book of poetry inspired by the Arizona Trail
90 pages, 37 illustrations

While walking the Arizona Trail from Mexico to Utah, Heidi Elizabeth Blankenship took photographs of scenic vistas and scribbled words on scraps of paper. Her photographs evolved into imaginative paper cuttings and her words into impassioned poems. Together these images and poems express heartfelt gratitude and love for everything that surrounds us. Perfect for the hiker, camper, adventurer, and nature enthusiast; ideal for anyone who relishes in a vision of the world as gift and celebration.

Our friends at Crown Trails Headwear have produced these functional and fashionable new hats for your adventures on the trail and around town. Made of durable and comfortable material, we are proud to carry three styles of caps (adjustable) and one bucket hat (two sizes available). Each features the AZT logo and the Arizona Trail Association logo on the side. There are MANY more colors and styles to choose from — just visit your preferred local outdoor retail store to see the complete line.
NEW AZT Hat Primitive
This low-profile cap looks and feels like weathered suede, but is actually brushed cotton. Silky smooth with a cocoa-colored AZT colored logo.
NEW AZT Hat Ranger
This high-profile olive green hat is made of soft cotton with an airy mesh back, with a natural color version of the AZT logo.
Sunset This trucker-style hat features an inspiring Arizona sunset image with a natural color version of the AZT logo. 100% poly material.
NEW AZT Hat Trekker This khaki-colored bucket hat will keep your head cool while you're out on the trail. Made of wicking material to stay dry and cool.

AZT Bandana NEW AZT Bandana
AZT bandanas are 100% cotton and feature a new Arizona National Scenic Trail logo underneath the Arizona state flag. Perhaps the most functional item to bring with you on the Arizona Trail, a bandana can be used to shade your neck and face; pre-filter water; cool your skin; wrap around a wound; and add Arizona flare to your hiking, mountain biking and equestrian attire. They look great on dogs, donkeys and other trail companions, too! No trip on the AZT is complete without an AZT bandana.

Cholla Comb NEW Cholla Comb
The ultimate lightweight tool for removing cholla cactus from your boots, tires, equine or canine companion! Desert hiking has its perils, including segments of cholla that end up on the trail and stuck to you. Trying to remove them without the proper tool is extremely painful and can lodge the spines deeper into your skin. Simply slide this cholla comb between your skin and the cholla and flick the offensive cactus away from you.

Copper License Plate NEW AZT License Plate
For Arizona Trail fans looking to make a classy statement on their vehicle, the ATA is proud to offer copper license plates. Made of brushed copper from local metalsmith artist Jason Butler (the same guy who makes the copper belt buckles and pins for the AZT Completion Awards), these license plates feature the "made in AZ" stamp. It can be mounted to the front of your vehicle or displayed prominently within your home or office. A limited quantity of these specialty license plates are being produced, so get them before they're all gone.

Big Map Big Map of the Arizona Trail
By popular demand, we are now proud to offer giant full-color maps of the entire Arizona Trail. These maps are printed on heavy paper and are sized to fit on a wall or back of a door (6 feet tall by 2.5 feet wide). The trail itself is printed in white so individuals can color in the passages and segments they have already experienced. Maps feature passage names, gateway communities, mountains, canyons, lakes, rivers and other geographical features. Can be ordered as standard paper or laminated.

Warning: prolonged staring at this map may encourage wanderlust and insatiable cravings for adventure.

Red Tail Hawk T-Shirt Red-tailed Hawk T-Shirt
This original design from Tucson-based artist Shauna McGlamery captures the freedom found on the AZT. Printed in six beautiful earth and sky colors on front of shirt (no design on back). Available in both women's and men's sizes in three heathered colors. Material is a super comfortable 50% cotton/50% polyester blend that wicks moisture well and will quickly become your favorite T-shirt.
FYI: Women's sizes run one size small and men's are a little large.

Sun Hat
Sun Hat
Sun Hat w/Bug Protection
We searched high and low to find the absolute best sun protection hat for the Arizona Trail, and this one includes "No Fly Zone" insect repellant technology! This lightweight and durable poly/nylon hat can be smashed and stuffed into your pack and still retain its shape and comfort. The adjustable, removable drawstring keeps it on your head during windy days or attaches to the outside of your pack. Inner hatband is a soft wicking terry material that is adjustable to fit your head just right. This hat also features a 6-inch neck gaiter to keep the sun off the back of your neck that tucks into the inside of the brim when you don't need it. The garment is treated with Permethrin that repels mosquitoes, ants, ticks, chiggers, flies and other undesirable insects and remains active for 70 washings.

Color options are Stone or Olive. Click on the images to see larger photos. For sizing information, click
We are out of the Stone hats and the S/M Olive hats.

Wooden Sign Wooden Signs
Working with Fifth Wind (a project of the Indian Bible College in Flagstaff), the ATA is proud to offer commemorative Arizona Trail wooden signs. Each sign is hand-crafted locally and proceeds benefit the ATA and Fifth Wind's mission to teach young Native Americans entrepreneurism and help them create meaningful projects where they can apply their skills. Each sign captures the essence of the Arizona Trail and is carefully routed, painted and stained. They look great indoors and outdoors and make incredible gifts.

These replicas of Forest Service-style trail signs were inspired by the thought that offering them for sale may reduce the number of signs stolen or vandalized on public land.

The Wooden Signs are on backorder. They should be available soon.

AZT symbol with directional arrow (8" x 5.5")

Custom AZT wooden signs are also available by contacting Fifth Wind directly at 928-266-0218.

Red-tailed Hawk Watercolor Print Red-tailed Hawk Watercolor Print
"Luminescent Passages" is inspired by the dramatic skies, diverse landscapes, abundant wildlife and total freedom found along the Arizona Trail. This original watercolor painting by Tucson artist Shauna McGlamery is printed on matte photo stock paper, size 11 x 17 inches, and is signed by the artist.

Hiking Stick Badge AZT Hiking Stick Badges
Our new copper plated medallions warmly feature the Arizona Trail logo in natural desert hues of red and brown. Adhesive backing allows you to stick them to your favorite hiking stick, trekking pole, work tool, fuel bottle, or just about anything else you can think of. Aluminum material allows you to bend the badge to shape. 1.25-inch diameter.

Socks Socks
Arizona National Scenic Trail Aireator® and Wooleator Socks. For product details and sizing information, click
These socks are also available from the Summit Hut (5251 E. Speedway Blvd) in Tucson.

AZT Bottlebands AZT BottleBands
Stretches to fit over any water bottle (12 oz. to 1 liter), and is the ideal way to carry a water bottle on your next hike or run along the AZT. Made of heavy rubberized material that is soft to the skin and durable enough for many uses over time. Run or walk "hands-free" with the AZT BottleBand.

Click here for more images.

Mtn Bike Badge Mountain Bike Medallions
Our new copper plated medallions warmly feature the Arizona Trail logo in natural desert hues of red and brown. Adhesive backing allows you to stick them to your stem, seatpost, front fork, seat tube, head tube, or just about any other part of your bike. Aluminum material allows you to bend the badge to shape. 1.25-inch diameter.

Sample of printed map NEW Printed Detailed Topo Maps
(Click here for more information about the maps)
Would you like to have a printed set of the detailed topo maps? Working with our local printer, we are now able to offer all of the maps from the download in a PRINTED version. These maps are professionally printed on quality paper in full-color and high-resolution - much better than most people could do on their home printers.

2014 Shirt Journey to Center T-Shirts
100% cotton T-shirts made in the USA by American Apparel. Featuring Arizona Trail inspired original art on back from Flagstaff painter and trail enthusiast Cole Habay. AZT logo on front chest. Available in brown and forest green colors.
SALE - $20.00 !

Water Bottle, Green
Water Bottle, Blue
Water Bottle, Graphite
Water Bottles
Water is life, and these water bottles from h2go are just what you need to carry 1 liter of your favorite liquid on the trail. Made of Tritan copolyester (same material as Nalgene bottles) and available in green, blue and graphite with Arizona National Scenic Trail logo in brown.

AZNST Logo Patch AZNST Logo Patch
Arizona National Scenic Trail patch.


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