Please contact the event coordinator for more information about the work event (time and location). Locations listed above are subject to change, and exact locations may not be known at the time of the calendar printing. For multiple day projects, volunteers are welcome any day or all days (unless backpacking/riding to the site is required).

ATA provides all tools. Please bring work gloves, water, and lunch. We recommend that you wear sturdy boots, long sleeves and pants, sunscreen, and a hat. Overnight camping is often primitive, so don’t count on any developed facilities. Please bring your own camping/backpacking equipment and food unless otherwise noted.

Trail maintenance and construction may include any of the following: brushing (pruning vegetation), removing rock and debris, signing, building rock cairns; construction or improvement of trail tread, erosion control structures (water bars, drainage dips), switchbacks, removing stumps/roots, and more. Difficulty of work is easy to moderate, and the distance to work site should also be considered. Event coordinators will provide instruction — just reach out to them.

To make corrections or add an event, please contact