The Arizona Trail is divided into 43 passages, and categorized into Southern, Central, and Northern sections. Explore all 43 passages, including length, maps, profiles, tracks, and waypoints.

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Trail Stewards

Our stewards are volunteers who help maintain the entire Arizona Trail. You may contact specific stewards, or find out how to become a steward yourself!

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Current Closures & Reroutes

This page lists current closures and reroutes along the Arizona Trail. For even more information please visit our Passage pages and Arizona’s public land management websites. Closures are also posted on the Arizona Trail Guthook app.

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Maps of various kinds to help guide you along the trail.

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Water Sources

How to find water along the trail is extremely important. We provide a list of water sources and their current condition.

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Day Hiker’s Guide

The Arizona Trail Day Hiker’s Guide was created for people who are interested in hiking the Arizona Trail in smaller pieces. Free digital download to members.

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Gateway Communities

The Arizona Trail travels close to many friendly, scenic communities. Find out more about the gateway communities, from old mining towns to large, metropolitan areas.

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Do you have questions about trail conditions or planning? Want to find someone to hike, bike or ride with?

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Need to find a ride to an Arizona Trail trailhead? Take a look at a list of companies that can get you there.

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Mountain Bikers

The Arizona Trail is one of the only National Scenic Trails in the country that encourage mountain bikers to enjoy the route from border to border. Here you will find mountain biking resources and more.

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Dogs on the Trail

Hikers often bring along their canine companions on their adventures. The Arizona Trail is often rocky, filled with cactus forests, and poisonous wildlife. Find out more about what passages are off-limits to dogs, and how to help your canine enjoy the trail as much as you.

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The Arizona Trail databooks are PDF files organized by passages, that contain total miles, elevations, GPS waypoints, and more.

Databooks are only available to ATA members in their Members-Only Resources upon login. Not a member? Join or renew today.


Learn more about the most comprehensive guidebook to the Arizona Trail, and how to purchase it.

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Trail Angels

Trail Angels are volunteers along the trail that help with shuttles, lodging, showers and laundry.

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Permits are not required for a long-distance hike or ride along the Arizona Trail, however permits are required for overnight camping within a few areas.

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Hazards & Considerations

The first principle in Leave No Trace is Plan Ahead and Prepare. It’s important you are aware of some of the hazards and considerations when planning a day trip or long-distance adventure on the Arizona Trail. While this list is certainly not comprehensive, it’s a good start.

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