Tips for Trail Users

Undertaking an adventure on the Arizona National Scenic Trail? Whether your planning a single day or a lifelong journey, we have gathered some resources to can you along the way.

Ten Essentials 

Tools for maximizing your chances for a successful trip on the Arizona Trail


Information about permits and fees needed on various portions of the Trail

Hazards & Conditions

Potential hazards and considerations when planning your adventure

Thru-Hiker Gear List

An article from The Trek by J. Taylor Bell

Dayhiker’s Guide

A resource for those who are interested in hiking the Arizona Trail in smaller pieces

Mountain Biking

The Arizona Trail is one of the only National Scenic Trails in the country that encourage mountain bikers to enjoy the route from border to border. Here you will find mountain biking resources and more.


A PDF file organized by passage with critical information for each mile of the trail

Trail Etiquette

Tips for sharing the trail with our multi-use trail community

Water Sources

Information about where to find water on the Arizona Trail


Information about various companies providing transportation to trailheads on the Arizona Trail


Learn more about the official Guidebook of the Arizona Trail

Dogs on Trail

Bringing your canine companion? Learn more about how to enjoy the trail together safely

Pack Goats

Planning your trip with caprine companions? Learn more about regulations on packing with goats here.