Would you like to help protect, maintain, enhance, promote and sustain the Arizona Trail? The Arizona Trail Association is a volunteer-based organization and there are always opportunities for individuals, families, groups and organizations to participate.

There is a long list of tasks that need willing volunteers, including:

  • Trail Building & Maintenance
  • Running & Participatory Events
  • Mailings & Office Work
  • Fundraising
  • Outreach booths at community events
  • Speaking Engagements

If you have a particular skill to offer or just wish to help out, please click the link below to find opportunities near you, or email volunteer@aztrail.org for more information.

Check Out Our Volunteer Opportunities

Check our Calendar to find our more information on events that you might be interested in.

Volunteer Hours

Participated in recent volunteer work? Volunteers and the time they put in are the foundation of the Arizona Trail. Please visit our volunteer web portal to log volunteer hours.

*Please Note: The login for the volunteer portal may not be the same as your aztrail.org login. Once you are logged in to the volunteer portal, click on the Time Tracking toolbar to enter your volunteer hours.

Submit Your Volunteer Hours

Volunteers who track their time are offered awards based on the number of hours logged per year. Learn more about our volunteer award program here. 

COVID-19 Field Safety

We have created this guide for staff and volunteer leaders to use on trail operation activities on the AZT during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic and the more extended period of “recovery” that will follow it. The Epidemic Protocol is a comprehensive document with full evaluation of the threat and detailed instructions for staff and volunteer leaders on how to minimize risk for transmission during ATA trail operations.

Download the 14-page ATA COVID-19 Epidemic Protocol 

A summary document has been created for sharing with volunteers and participants in trail activities. It includes basic information about communication, group sizes, face mask use and prevention protocols.

Download the ATA Epidemic Protocol Summary 

Trail Skills Institute

Are you interested in learning more about properly monitoring, maintaining and constructing trails? Are you a steward of the Arizona Trail or are you interested in helping out with trail projects? Do you like to get your hands dirty while learning valuable skills at the same time? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then make your reservations today for the upcoming trail training events! Check the Trail Skills Institute page for dates and locations.


Volunteering With a Group

Trail work is a great way to give back to the trail community, and can also be an amazing opportunity to build team, have fun with your friends or meet corporate volunteerism goals.

If you’re looking for volunteer opportunities for groups and organizations you can look through the list of current opportunities on our volunteer portal, or we can look at scheduling an opportunity specially tailored to your group. Just contact us at volunteer@aztrail.org.

We look forward to seeing you on (and off) the trail!

American Express Serve2Gether Volunteers on AZT Passage 16

Challenge 43

The ATA’s Challenge 43 is a special program for ambitious volunteers who want to explore the whole 800 miles of the Arizona Trail from a service perspective. We’ll help you track your participation in work events and projects on all 43 passages of the trail. When you’ve completed the Challenge, there’s a special prize in it for you!

Sign up here for Challenge 43!