We are the Arizona Trail VETS (Veteran Engagement & Trail Stewardship)

Our motto is We build, We protect

Our mission is to connect those who have served our country with fellow service members and the Arizona National Scenic Trail.

The ATA VETS Program was designed to create meaningful opportunities, on and off the trail, for military veterans.


The ATA VETS Program is excited to offer multiple ways for veterans to get involved through:

  • Volunteer events exclusively for the veteran community
  • Local meet-ups and “prescribed” hikes
  • Team sponsored events and discounts (races, community service, etc)
  • Social engagement through FacebookInstagram, and Twitter
  • Immersive backcountry experiences on the Arizona National Scenic Trail

To make a donation to support the VETS Program, use the form below or mail a check to Arizona Trail Association: 738 N 5th Avenue, Suite 201, Tucson, Arizona 85705.

The ATA VETS Program is honored to support the following veteran community partners:

Warrior Expeditions’ Warrior Hike Program includes 8 long distance hiking expeditions all across the country. Veterans are provided with everything required to complete an expedition. Every year, the ATA sponsors 2 veterans as they complete the 800+ mile journey across the Arizona National Scenic Trail. Click here for more info about the most current veteran warrior hikers on the AZT!



Team RWB’s mission is to enrich veterans’ lives. Every year, more than 250,000 active duty service members transition out of the military, joining the 3.5 million post-9/11 veterans already living in communities nationwide. They face many challenges including isolation, weight gain, lack of purpose, and other health issues. Regional chapters and the Team RWB App deliver virtual and local, consistent, and inclusive opportunities for veterans and the community to connect through physical and social activity.



My Veteran Passion was designed to help veterans transition into the civilian post-service community by connecting them with resources and benefits, as well as educational opportunities. MVP’s veteran supporters connect with other veterans through physical training and various virtual online platforms.




BaseCamp for Veterans, Inc. (“BCI”) mission is to respond to the needs of those who serve our nation and protect its values, by promoting personal and professional growth, and contributing to an effective, sustainable path towards reintegration. They offer immersive week-long ground work-focused equine therapy programs as well as additional services including peer-to-peer mentoring, bi-monthly therapy sessions, and monthly equine therapy clinics for veterans and their family members.


Two Wolf Foundation‘s mission is to promote post-traumatic growth, healing, and purpose in the lives of combat veterans and first responders through service based land stewardship programs and conservation projects in partnership with public land agencies. They are also committed to aiding research efforts on wilderness based recreational therapy for combatting the effects of service related trauma by mobilizing our nation’s combat veterans and first responders to contribute and serve with new purpose towards the protection, conservation, and sustainment of our US public land systems. TWF brings our country’s incredible warriors together to connect, serve, and grow stronger in unique and inspiring landscapes.



The mission of USMES is to promote endurance sports as part of a healthy lifestyle for active and Veteran members of the US Armed Forces. The vision of USMES is to become the preeminent endurance sports education and development community for active and veteran members of the US Armed Forces.



Founded in 2016, Veterans Walk And Talk (VWAT) has held space for veterans all over the country. Based in Southern California with chapters nationwide, VWAT’s mission is to empower veterans to take control of their health journey using tools like physical exercise, alternative medicine, and community engagement. Self reflection amongst supporters in a safe space has proven to alleviate many of the hardships veterans and their loved ones face. Walk and talk therapy coupled with wellness modalities equals a recipe for growth.


Wild Arizona’s mission is to protect, unite, and restore wild lands and waters across Arizona and beyond, for the enrichment and health of all generations, and to ensure Arizona’s native plants and animals a lasting home in wild nature. They organize and amplify multi-community voices of support for legislation and special designations; advocate for conservation science-based environmental policy and planning; and cultivate stewardship, social/environmental awareness, and well-being through outdoor volunteerism, science, and education.


Michael “Chappy” Chappell – Veteran Outreach Coordinator

Call/text (970) 779-5740 or click to email


The ATA VETS Program is proud to be a BeConnected Partner Organization. The BeConnected network is a nationally recognized partnership focused on ensuring there is no wrong door and no wrong person for service members, veterans, or family members to turn to for help.


The ATA VETS Program is honored to be a VOAG Coalition Partner! Click on the graphic below to learn more about the Veteran’s Outdoor Advocacy Group and the incredible work they are doing to ensure Outdoor Adjunct Therapy is available to EVERY veteran as a prescribable form of therapy through the VA Healthcare System.