We find it’s extremely helpful to tackle our goals with a schedule. So here’s a timeline. If you stick to this, you’ll be right on target for a successful fundraising campaign. All times are approximate and designed to help you carve out time.

Day 1 (Today, 5-10 minutes):

  1. Register for AZT in a Day. You’ll automatically receive a Fundraising Page, accessible via your confirmation email (if you don’t get a confirmation email, please contact us). We recommend bookmarking your Fundraising Page.
  2. Make your Fundraising Page your own (optional). Your goal defaults to $800, a dollar per trail mile, and we’ve provided language for you, but by clicking “Edit your page” on your Fundraising Page, you have the option to update your fundraising goal, personalize your message, and more.
  3. Create a list of 15-25 friends, coworkers, associates and family that you’d like to share your AZT experience with. Hold on to this “Network” list for weeks to come!

5 weeks away (Sep 4 – Sep 10, 15 mins):

  1. Invite the Network you identified above to our Facebook Event
  2. Post a story to Instagram about AZT in a Day, and a link to your Fundraising Page in your bio. Instagram now allows you to link your page in your Instagram Stories.
  3. From your Fundraising Page, share on Facebook about AZT in a Day.

4 weeks away (Sep 11 – Sep 17, 15 mins)

  1. Send an email to you Network with a link to your Fundraising Page, and share your goal.
  2. Post to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, sharing a link to your Fundraising Page and using the hashtag #AZTinaDAY. Let folks know why raising money for the Arizona Trail is important to you.

3 weeks away (Sep 18 – Sep 24, 10 mins):

  1. Share an update to Facebook using the Share button on your Fundraising Page as referenced above, and add text that reminds followers of your goal and lets them how much you’ve raised so far.
  2. Send an “Update” email, telling your Network how much you’ve raised.
  3. Make sure to personally thank your donors!

2 weeks away (Sep 25 – Oct 1, 15-20 mins):

  1. Assess where you are with your goal. Take some time to consider which approaches have been most successful. Any new ideas come to mind?
  2. Follow up with anyone who’s pledged or shown interest but has not yet donated. They likely really do want to support you, and would appreciate a reminder.

Week of (Oct 2 – Oct 7, 5-10 mins each day):

Need to play catch up? Take action each day this week to raise another $500 in just 7 days!

Day 1: Have you donated to your own campaign? Sweeten the pot and show your network that you’re committed by contributing your own $50!
Day 2: Gather you team. Ask five friends to join you in your mission to sustain the AZT with a $25 donation.
Day 3: Post on social media. Tag three people, and ask them to donate $25 to your AZT in a Day page.
Day 4: Share your fundraiser with five coworkers and ask them to contribute $10.
Day 5: Share with your family. Reach out to loved ones to let them them know you’re doing something awesome and ask them to show their support with $20 to $50!
Day 6: Approach a small business or club to sponsor your hike, run, ride or roll with a $100 donation!
Day 7: CONGRATULATIONS! You deserve to celebrate. Take the day off. Or better yet, prep for your trip on the AZT!


The most important thing to remember throughout this timeline? You are doing an AMAZING thing! Your fundraising efforts help to sustain the AZT so that your network and many more can reap the benefits of unique outdoor experiences on the Arizona Trail.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.