The Mountain Bike Databook is updated fairly regularly. The table below shows the changes that were made, specifically for the mountain bike alternate sections, for each version date.  For a complete list of entire Arizona Trail passage databook changes view that databook change log here.

Version Date: 5/1/22

  • Passages 3 & 4 updated due to new trail opening in west side of passage 3 and south side of passage 4.  Added an optional loop using the new Temporal Gulch trail and Temporal Road.  Additional new trail is being built to connect to Gardner Canyon Road in 2023+

Version Date: 1/15/22

  • Passages updates due to small reroutes in #26 & #33
  • Lots of adjustments & revisions to water source information throughout from water source comments and review by ATA.

Version Date: 8/29/21

  • Reroute for the Whiterock Mesa passage out of Pine Valley to use a powerline north of Tonto Bridge road

Version Date: 4/30/21

  • Recalculation of entire mileage on the Arizona Trail in Databooks and GIS data

Version Date: 2/7/20

  • Revision to bypass of the Superstition & Four Peaks Wilderness for bikes in passage 18 – 21. Once reaching Apache Trail / SR 88, cross the road to continue on mostly forest dirt roads to Bush Hwy / FR 204, north on more forest roads from north edge of Saguaro Lake to rejoin AZT at FR 422.  This route travels less paved roads.  Also re-exported all the Mountain Bike Maps for a fresh look.

Version Date: 11/1/17

  • Reduced Mountain Bike alternate paths to a single option in the Mountain Bike Databook.

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