Arizona Trail App


In order to keep up with technological advances in mapping and to meet the demands of trail users who have been requesting a navigational smartphone application, the Arizona Trail Association (ATA) teamed up with Atlas Guides (Guthook) to produce the Arizona Trail App. It is undoubtedly the most comprehensive digital navigational resource we have ever developed and is available now through iTunes and the Google Play Store. Just search for “Atlas Guides.”

The app includes just about everything a trail user would ever want to know, and if you’re concerned about what happens when you don’t have a cell phone signal, no worries! One of the greatest features of the app is that no mobile or internet service is required to use it, after the initial setup.



Some of its features include:

  • GPS-enabled map of the Arizona Trail with waypoints
  • Offline topo maps, satellite imagery, and photographs
  • More than 1,100 waypoints along or near the trail
  • Detail page for each waypoint
  • Elevation profile with waypoints
  • GPS-enabled data book listing of all waypoints
  • Comprehensive water information
  • Complete gateway community and resupply information
  • Trailhead information
  • Text or email your location

There is a free demo of the app for everyone to enjoy, which includes the 36-mile San Francisco Peaks Passage of the Arizona Trail near Flagstaff. The entire 800-mile Arizona Trail App is available as an in-app purchase for $9.99. Just click on the appropriate logo below.