The Arizona Trail Detailed Topo Maps

The Arizona Trail Association’s own Aaron Seifert, GIS Directotopo map set coverr, has revised the Topo map set for 2024 with all the updates from 2023 (view the change log below) using the style and format that Brett Tucker at &, produced. It uses ESRI ArcGIS software and the USGS National Map. This is a complete map set for Arizona Trail hikers, mountain bikers, equestrians, runners and outdoor adventurers.

These maps can be purchased as a printed set, and a digital version is available as a benefit for ATA members. For both of these options there are 128 digitized color topographic maps (1:28,000 scale) that cover the entire Arizona Trail from Mexico to Utah. If you’re going out for the day, just print one from the download, or choose that map from the printed set. If you’re planning a cross-state adventure, you can print the entire map set. It’s an economical alternative to purchasing paper topographic maps (which would total over $370 and would not include the nearly 800 data points specific to the AZT).

Some of the exciting features of these maps include:

  • 3D hill shading
  • Detailed elevation chart on each map
  • Accumulated trail mileage every mile (great for thru-hikers)
  • An easy-to-follow trail trace overlaid on each map
  • Maps include GPS grid marks for compatibility with your handheld GPS unit
  • Almost 800 data points including water sources, gateway communities and more
  • 8.5″ x 11″ format for easy printing from PC or Mac computers

Topo Map Set change log

View a sample map from the series

View the map page overview map book 

View Topo Map Book Use Instructions (not included with the Avenza maps below)

Purchasing Options

Maps using Avenza Maps app – install the free app via either app store below:


Digital Map Set for ATA Members

Arizona Trail Members receive the Digital Map Set for FREE. Please Request your Engagement Dashboard Link (if you haven’t already) and view the Members-Only Resources. Here you can either download your Digital Topo Map Set as a PDF, or load the maps into Avenza at no cost.