10 Long Hikes To Consider Before The Appalachian Trail

The Travel (March 14, 2022) by Cynthia Levy

Lots of people take a backpack, put on a stove, food, and camping gear, and head out to the canyons, plains, valleys, and hills once in a while. If one is searching for the perfect trail to hike, the infamous Appalachian trail will do. It was founded by Benton MacKaye, who founded The Wilderness Society. The Appalachian Trail has become an outstanding wilderness experience. It covers over 2000 miles across the 14 eastern states; it’s a thru-hike that takes months.

Some of us would like to hike other long trails before embarking on the Appalachian Trail. We did the research for those looking for a suitable, substantial hike that is not the Appalachian Trail. Below are the best ten long walks that one can take in the US. Always remember before embarking on a trip, check the local travel restrictions and follow the government’s guidelines.

Arizona Trail

When Arizona is mentioned, we all think of flat sand and heat. But let’s rethink; the Arizona trail is an 800-mile trail that covers canyons, cultures from Utah to Mexico, mountains, and deserts. The endless path from the state’s southern border to the northern border, mountainous and snaking Grand Canyon National Park. The Arizona Trail is suitable for all experience levels. One should carry lots of water for the extra dry sections of the trail. One should conduct proper research to avoid irrelevant struggles from congregations in the Grand Canyon and scorching temperatures.

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