Official Footwear of the Arizona Trail (25% discount for members!)

We’re excited to introduce the Official Footwear of the Arizona Trail, created by our friends at Erem.

Erem is the first outdoor brand designed from the ground up for desert performance and made with progressive environmental standards. Erem’s products are Biocircular™, meaning they only use materials with 100% proven paths back to nature and can be re-streamed at the end of their useful life into new products. Customers can also extend the life of their boots through the Erem Reboot repair program. Erem is setting a new standard for how a brand can positively impact people, place, and planet.

We consider our partners carefully and chose to work with Erem for these reasons:

  • First, they are making products that actually work and perform in the desert. We think you’ll appreciate the true breathability and protection built into their Xercole boots!
  • Second, they are incredibly sustainability-minded and have designed their boots so they are Biocircular, long-term durable, and repairable.
  • Erem has created the “Prickly Pear Program” a social-benefit project to address some of our planet’s most pressing, climate-driven challenges. Erem has committed to planting 1 million prickly pear cacti in the fight against climate change!
  • They’ll be donating a percentage of all boot sales to the ATA!

Members of the ATA are an integral part of what we are able to accomplish year after year. To thank you for your support, Erem has invited ATA Members to participate in its Pro sales program. This program allows highly qualified outdoor enthusiasts (that’s you!) the ability to purchase products at a considerable discount.

If you’re a current member of the ATA, check your email Inbox for instructions on how to sign up for the Pro sales program.

We’re excited about this new partnership and are looking forward to doing incredible work together! Please consider supporting Erem and the ATA through a footwear purchase before the end of the year.