Another Snow Day on the Arizona Trail

After the hottest, driest year on record, precipitation has finally returned to Arizona, blanketing much of the state with rain and snow over the past week. As hundreds of individuals make their journey north on the Arizona Trail, this surprise springtime weather will be a blessing — replenishing natural water sources, sustaining wildlife, and giving every plant clinging to life a much-needed drink.

Northbound thru-hikers and thru-riders should be prepared for all four seasons and dramatic changes in temperature, especially from the Sonoran Desert to the heights of the Sky Island mountain ranges between the international border and the Mogollon Rim. Everyone who sets out on a long-distance adventure is encouraged to do thorough research using this website and other online resources to choose the best season to start, the right gear to bring, how to survive the highs and lows, and how to be prepared for whatever Mother Nature serves up. Arizona is a land of extremes, and the Arizona Trail travels along the spine of this wild and beautiful landscape.

Follow the Leave No Trace principle of Plan Ahead and Prepare and you’ll help protect yourself, other Arizona Trail visitors, and the biotic communities through which you travel.

Happy Trails!