Arizona Trail Association Discourages 2020 SOBO AZT Thru-Hikes and Thru-Rides

The Trek (July 30, 2020) by Zach

Citing multiple trail closures with “no safe or reasonable detours,” in addition to Arizona being a COVID-19 hotspot, the Arizona Trail Association is discouraging both thru-hikes and thru-rides on the Arizona Trail for the remainder of 2020.

Trail closures include:

  • AZT Passages 10-12 through the Santa Catalina Mountains and Pusch Ridge Wilderness Bypass due to the Bighorn Fire, which burned 120,000 acres in the Coronado National Forest.
  • AZT Passages 20-21 through the Four Peaks and Mazatzal Mountains due to the Bush Fire.
  • AZT Passage 42 north of Jacob Lake, due to the Mangum Fire, which burned more than 70,000 acres in the Kaibab National Forest

This announcement comes just a few weeks after the closure of the Southern Terminus and the two southern-most miles due to border wall construction.

According to the Arizona Trail Association’s Facebook post, more than 125 miles of the trail are closed and “are not expected to be safe to hike or ride again until 2021.”

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