Arizona Trails are Crowded During Coronavirus. Here’s how to hike, visit parks rsponsibly

AZ Central (March 25, 2020) by Weldon B. Johnson

Some of the best advice for helping to slow the spread of the new coronavirus remains to have people stay home and avoid contact with others whenever possible.

But many Arizonans still want to get out in the fresh air and sunshine. Unfortunately, that has led to crowded conditions at popular hiking trails and other outdoor spots.

Officials for Arizona and national parks, along with other outdoors organizations, are reminding people that being outdoors isn’t an excuse to ignore best practices for avoiding coronavirus. These include maintaining at least a 6-foot distance from others, avoiding large groups and frequently washing hands.

Michelle Thompson, spokesperson for Arizona State Parks and Trails, said the open spaces in state parks remain open, but people shouldn’t forget that these are not normal times. (Historic parks, gift shops and visitor centers are closed.)

“Obviously our parks are more remote than some of the county and city parks that have been seeing the real overcrowding over the past few weekends, but that means if one trail is too crowded, try a different one,” Thompson said. “Try to get that social distance so you’re not crowded into a space. Even being outdoors doesn’t mean you’re 100%  safe.”

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