Arizona’s Best Small Towns For A Weekend Escape

World Atlas (May 9, 2024) by Elizabeth Arnold

Located in the beautiful American Southwest, Arizona is part of the “four corners” region. The state of Arizona is diverse in many ways, from expansive deserts to sweeping mountain ranges and quiet hometowns and bustling cities. If you’re traveling to Arizona, consider checking out one of its many charming small towns for a weekend escape that is either relaxing or adventurous, depending on what you desire.


The beauty and serenity of the desert surround the small town of Patagonia, which is situated in Arizona’s Sonoita Valley. The eclectic town of under 1000 people is located just about 20 miles north of Mexico, so it’s heavily influenced by the country’s art, culture and food, making it a fun weekend destination to explore. Patagonia also has a strong Western feel due to its historical roots and architectural features.

If you’re into nature, take a hike or bike ride on the 800-mile Arizona Trail, which runs near Patagonia and gives visitors an up-close look at local desert wildlife, flora, and fauna. The Tucson Audubon’s Paton Center for Hummingbirds is another popular attraction, and you can see the highest numbers of small birds between the months of March and May and August to October. The Patagonia Museum is housed in a school dating back to 1914 and gives an introspective look into the town’s mining history. For the full Western experience, lay your head at the themed Stage Stop Inn.


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