Beware of Confusing Cattle Trails Near Cemetery Trail Junction

On the AZT’s Passage 19, between Highway 188 and Cemetery Trail Junction, trail users will encounter cattle trails at approximately mile 448.9 southbound (1.2 miles south of Highway 188) due to heavy livestock traffic to and from a metal water tank. Southbound users should remain on the north side of the wash here, proceeding gently uphill on the right bank of the wash before crossing it and ascending the hill through a switchback.

For northbound users, the confusion occurs at approximately mile 350.5 (0.9-mile north of Cemetery Trail junction) where the AZT switches back to the left and the more obvious cattle trail continues straight downhill at a very steep angle. Users should stay on the AZT to avoid the cattle trail that drops steeply and dangerously into the wash at the bottom.