Beyond The Grand Canyon: 10 Incredible Places To Visit In Arizona

The Travel (November 6, 2022) by Luana Ferreira

Arizona is home to some of the most scenic landscapes in the country, and it’s a great destination year-round. The Grand Canyon alone would be an excellent reason to visit Arizona, but the estate offers many other incredible sites. Travelers can find perfect campsites, vibrant cities, ghost towns, national parks, and ancient tribal lands.

It’s an excellent place for adventure lovers, where they can find endless activities, and also for people who want to slow down and relax. For travelers dreaming about Arizona, here are the best things to do.


Hike On Less Visited Trails

Hiking is one of Arizona’s most popular activities, and some trails receive lots of tourists. Visitors can also have a great time by choosing overlooked paths, where they are likely to encounter fewer tourists. The Bear Mountains is a less-known trail in Sedona, and it offers a panoramic view of Red Rock Country, Jerome, and the San Francisco Peaks.

The Arizona National Scenic Trail stretches over 800 miles and has 40 trails. Adventurous travelers can also check the Hell’s Gate Trail, where hikers must go through a pine forest and cross a canyon.


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