Call Your State Representatives Today to Support the Arizona Trail Fund

State budget negotiations are happening TODAY, and we need you to contact your state representatives and senators to advocate for the Arizona Trail Fund. Will you take just a few minutes to call the three individuals who represent you within the Arizona State Legislature?
Find your state reps here:
When you call, please let them know:
1) you’re a constituent, and mention the town or city where you live
2) tell them how important the Arizona Trail is to you, your family, community, and/or business
3) encourage them to include a $250,000 non-lapsing appropriation in this year’s budget
4) thank them for their service to the state of Arizona
With your help, state leaders will dedicate funding for the Arizona Trail, which will provide good-paying jobs for Arizonans to conduct maintenance in areas that are beyond the ability of most volunteers. A few phone calls could make a tremendous difference!