Dave Hicks’ Picks

Dave Hicks, Arizona Trail Association Executive Director from 2006 to 2012, submitted these names as folks he recognized as providing critical help to the completion of the Trail. There are many more, he says, and all part of his adventure. 

Zay Hartigan

Zay has been a leading trail builder, caretaker and advocate in southern Arizona area since the early 2000’s.  His many efforts on behalf of the Arizona Trail and Patagonia area trails are usually unheralded.  He has been the trail steward for the Canelo Hills East Passage two since 2005 and also is often involved in trail building, rerouting, maintenance and planning of the AZT and other area trails too. In addition, Zay is the leader in establishing and building the Patagonia Train Track Trail.    

Thank you Zay Hartigan – you helped make it happen. 


 Mike Carr – For many years Mike was involved in the building and maintenance of the Arizona Trail Passages from Jacob Lake to the Utah border.  He was segment steward for more than a decade for the Kaibab Plateau passage (#42) near Jacob Lake, a 175 mile drive from his home in FlagstaffMike held group work events and also many times worked alone on the trail.  After more than a decade of taking care of that passage, Mike reduced his drive time and today continues as steward for passage 34d San Francisco Peaks.   

Thank you Mike Carr you helped make it happen. 


Annie McVay – It’s amazing how someone who stayed in the background was so vital to getting many miles of the Arizona Trail built across the state.  Annie was the State Park’s Trail Coordinator as the Arizona Trail was nearing completion but still faced several hurdles and miles to reach completionAnnie garnered, guarded and directed nearly a half of a million dollars in state of Arizona funds to trail work efforts and trail rights of way for many AZT sections.  Some sections only needed a final push to complete a passage, so Annie often funded youth corps to build a few miles of trail.  But also, and most notably, Annie‘s efforts resulted in the final “permanent” state right of way (a cumbersome and costly process) across over 50 miles of state land in Pinal County.   

Thank you Annie McVay – you helped make it happen.   


Lyn White – The Arizona Trail would have never gained National Scenic Trail designation by Congress without the actions by Lyn White.  Lyn, as an Arizona Trail Association board member and, fortunately in a Government Relations position (i.e. lobbyist) for a private company, opened the doors (and eyes) of many Arizona congressional officials and staff.  She was vital in getting Arizona National Scenic Trail bills submitted to both the US Senate and House.  Many such bills are little more than courtesy submittals and never go any further.  But, as a result of Lyn’s efforts and connections to the Arizona congressional delegation, the Arizona National Scenic Trail bill received hearings in both the Senate (9/11/2007) and House (7/15/2008).  Lyn was alongside the ATA’s Executive Director at those hearings.   The Arizona Trail became a National Scenic Trail on March 30, 2009.   

Thank you Lyn White – you helped make it happen. 


Steve Anderson – yes he’s a curmudgeon, but no one, yes no one, has done more for the Arizona Trail and the magnificent trail system in the Tucson/Pima County area than SteveSteve is the “trail person” for Pima County.  And he is a founding board member for the Arizona Trail Association. As a trail planner, designer, funder and frequent worker, Steve is behind every inch of Arizona Trail on county and State of Arizona land in Pima County.   In addition to making trails happen, Steve has aggressively fought to assure that mountain bicyclist and equestrian are welcome on trails too.   The Arizona Trail and trails in Pima County are the result of Steve’s successful efforts. 

Thank you Steve Anderson – you helped make it happen.