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Fundraising Timeline

Use this timeline to help you stay on target to reach your goal.

Social Media Toolkit


AZT in a Day – Un Desafío de 800 Millas (En Español)


AZT in a Day – An 800-mile Challenge (English Version)

Graphics and Logos

We ask that you only use these photos and graphics when raising funds for the Arizona Trail Association in connection with AZT in a Day.

Where Your Donation Goes

We’ve developed a one-stop resource that outlines the myriad ways your donation supports the Arizona Trail.

Corporate Support

If you’re interested in contacting businesses or clubs to support the Arizona Trail Association, please reference these documents. If an organization would like to donate $250 or more, please contact our Development Director:

Fundraising Page

To find your personal AZT in a Day 2022 Fundraising Page, login here and click your name in the upper right, and then click “fundraising.”