The Arizona Trail Association has maps, profiles and GPS data created especially for mountain bikers. The following table lists the passages in order from south to north that have special bike routes.

  • Route Map refers to the downloadable Route Map available for this route.
  • Route Profile refers to the downloadable trail profile available for this route.
  • The GPS Data column refers to downloadable GPS data.

Regarding Arizona Trail maps and GPS Data

The Arizona Trail is a work in progress. Most of the trail is constructed and signed, however, sections may change or be rerouted (due to wildfire, environmental, or administrative decisions). The maps and GPS data offered here attempt to provide the current “best information”. Check back for the latest versions.

Please use common sense when using the Arizona Trail. Do not rely on any ONE piece of trail information. Carry a map, compass and GPS (and know how to use them). Contact the local agency for current weather and trail conditions. Make sure you, your livestock, bicycle, or other equipment are in good shape. We want you to have a safe and fun experience exploring the Arizona Trail!

The Mountain Bike route is available on the Arizona Trail App and it is a continuous route that includes these 9 alternates for biking around wilderness areas.

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Passage 1: Huachuca Mountains
Passage 4: Temporal Gulch
Passage 9: Rincon Mountains
Passage 11: Santa Catalina Mountains
Passage 18-19: Superstition Wilderness
Passage 20: Four Peaks
Passage 22: Saddle Mountain
Passage 23-24: Mazatzal Divide & Red Hills
Passage 25: Whiterock Mesa