Exploring Flagstaff’s Campbell Mesa

Arizona Daily Sun

by Tom Bean

Recently I took a ramble across Campbell Mesa with no particular destination in mind. You could say I was sauntering, not hiking. Mostly I stuck to the trails, but occasionally an impressive old growth ponderosa or delicate wildflower would require my closeup inspection.

In the process, I noticed a scattering of prehistoric potsherds, a rusted sign with a 58-year-old inscription and much evidence of logging activity from a century ago. I also noticed the lack of litter such as bottles, cans and bags.

More than 13 miles of trails loop through the open grassy woodlands of ponderosa pine and gambrel oak on Campbell Mesa, one of Flagstaff’s most popular places for “low-impact” recreational users. That means hiking, biking, dog walking, horseback riding, and more.
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