Fire in the Superstitions: Trails, Terrain and Archeology Before Woodbury

The Apache Juntion and Gold Canyon News (September 30, 2019) by

The Woodbury Fire primarily in the Superstition Wilderness Area (SWA), captured the interest of the entire state as it burned nearly 124,000 acres only a few months ago. Now that it is over, just how was it confined almost totally to the Superstition Wilderness Area —and without loss or serious injury to any firefighters or human structures? What will be the short and long term effects of the fire – on plant communities and ecosystems? On wildlife, from game animals to insects to snakes to birds? On petroglyphs and other archeological artifacts? On soils and their future productivity and their susceptibility to erosion? On scenic values? On the trails and related signage? Thinking of all the above, just what is in the SWA – particularly in the interior, where only the more adventurous of us have gone?

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