Fixing Trail, Exploring the Forest

On November 1, 2018, 48 students from Kinsey Inquiry and Discovery School visited Aspen Corner and the Arizona Trail to build trail and learn about trail design and construction.


Students dug drains, discussed hydrology, and practiced designing their own trails. Though the day was chilly, they kept warm moving dirt and exploring. Experts from the US Forest Service were on hand to teach the students tool safety, drainage and tread repair.


When students were not moving dirt they were discussing the things that make a good trail design and how they might go about finding support and for a trail idea they have. Students worked together to lay out their trail idea on the ground using read string.


Then best part of the day of course was coming to the end, putting down the tools and exploring the logs, dirt and leaves of the forest. Since this group missed out on visiting Aspen Corner earlier in the season due to weather, it was a great opportunity to show them the place where the tress they studied had come from. A full day of learning and fun!