Golf Balls in Water Drains

On November 8, 2018, 17 students from Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy went to Campbell Mesa to learn about trail design and do maintenance on the 2 mile Campbell Mesa loop.


With plenty of help from our partners at the US Forest Service and Arizona Conservation Corps, the group was able to hike and repair drainage on the entire 2 mile loop. They learned to read terrain, outslope tread, and harvest dirt for tread repair.


Students and their crew leaders used practice golf balls to test the drainage by rolling the balls down hill and observing where the ball ends up. Does it stay on the trail or does it roll into the drain where it is supposed to go?


After doing trail work, students practiced laying out their own trail designs and thinking through the types of trails they would build if they could. Last but not least we finished the day playing a round of Black Widow. We had an absolute blast and all learned a great deal.