Hansen to run marathon distance daily for four weeks

Sedona Red Rock News (February 6, 2019) by Ivan Leonard

After his first fundraiser run in 2017, Hansen has made it a yearly tradition to run for the school. “A couple of years ago my wife asked if I was interested in running a marathon for the school,” Hansen said. “Running a marathon was on my bucket list so she got me to partake in the Sedona marathon.”


With only three weeks to train, Hansen had a goal to achieve. In 2017, Hansen raised $4,000 in the half-marathon of the Sedona Marathon Event. “After the conclusion of that marathon, the school asked if I could take on something bigger the following year,” Hansen said. Last year, Hansen’s proceeds increased as he was able to raise $5,500 for the Running River School.


This year, Hansen will run an 800-mile trail starting at the Arizona-Mexico border and concluding at the Arizona-Utah border. “I am an ultra-runner who will be tackling the Arizona National Scenic Trail this spring to raise money for a cause close to my heart,” Hansen said. “Running the Arizona Trail is to runners what conquering Mount Everest is to climbers.”


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