High country running: writer shares secret trail

Arizona Daily Sun

by Bruce Belman

Shhhhh! I have a secret running trail. It’s a trail for running that doesn’t go up and down steep hills, require dodging dog-walkers or necessitate constant vigilance from mountain bikers. The trail has a mostly smooth and soft surface, but with a few rocky spots to keep you conscious. It features easy access from town, only one mile from the city limits.
Well maintained by a diligent trail steward. Scenic. Check and check. It’s mostly a shady forest of old growth ponderosa, some magnificent alligator juniper, gambrel oak and pinyon pine, but also includes a big open meadow area and a crossing of our own Rio de Flag.

Promise not to tell anyone else? My secret trail is a somewhat lesser-known part of the Arizona National Scenic Trail, that magnificent footpath extending from Mexico to Utah that passes through our fair city. This segment is called the “equestrian bypass” and it passes to the east of town.

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