If you’re okay with roughing it, a trip to the Grand Canyon’s North Rim pays off in spades

The Globe and Mail (October 15, 2019) by


A visit to the Grand Canyon that doesn’t involve elbowing your way through crowds to get a view, or booking a year in advance to get a room? Yes, it’s possible. Just shift your sights to the North Rim.

Only 10 per cent of the six million tourists who visit the Grand Canyon each year make it to the North Rim. There are some good reasons: The season there is shorter, the temperature’s cooler and the amenities are fewer and farther between. But if you’re okay with roughing it a little, the trade-off pays off in spades. You’ll find stunning views you can’t get on the South Rim, beautiful campsites and lodges, and the kind of quiet and solitude you’d expect only in the backwoods.

Here are four ways you can get up close and personal with the Grand Canyon’s 70 million years of history along its less-travelled North Rim.


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