In Memoriam: Connor McKnight

Connor David McKnight
Born in Spokane, WA and resided in Flagstaff, AZ
7/11/1996 – 6/28/2021

Trail Name: Ragebow

Charismatic, creative, and funny, Connor drew smiles across anyone’s face that met him with his disheveled hair, his 6’4″ stature, and his contagious smile. An enigma personified.  Conversations with Connor were vast and intricate, much like the landscapes he traveled across. His preferred conversations would delve into the meaning and purpose of our existence. An avid reader and writer, he filled many pages with songs, poems and journal entries. In his search for peace Connor spent the majority of his life becoming one with nature: camping, rock climbing, bouldering, slacklining, organic farming, and hiking.  He completed the Arizona Trail in 42 days in 2020. Connor explored beyond trails and dove into spirituality at a young age. Yoga and meditation were a vital part of his daily routine and he served at the Northwest Vipassana Center in Onalaska, WA. He was an extraordinarily talented musician and played in countless bands over the course of his life. Connor could be found playing any instrument that was near including guitar, drums, didgeridoo, recorder, melodica, the Siberian mouth harp and, of course, his true love – the piano. Connor knew no strangers, his eccentric soul forever a gift to those that crossed his path.