I’ve Been Workin’ on the AZ Trail

Saddlebag Notes (November 29, 2019) by Elizabeth Wheeler

SaddleBrooke hikers went on a “Search and Destroy” mission to remove catclaw bushes growing on the southern end of the Oracle Passage of the Arizona Trail on Wednesday, October 16. Catclaw, an aggressive bush that grows quickly, can bloody arms and legs of hikers and bike riders who travel the trail.

In addition to the trimmers, two sub-groups renovated drainage ditches to improve the trail tread.

Trail volunteers then celebrated their excellent work with treats by Liz McClutcheon and Elaine Fagan. Mike Knowlton provided beverages. Team leaders were Zach MacDonald of the Arizona Trail Association, Gary Faulkenberry and Co-Stewards Ray Peale and Elisabeth Wheeler.

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