Let’s Bulid So We Can Ride!

On September 21st, 2018, 16 members of the Flagstaff Junior Academy Mountain Biking Club gave back to the Flagstaff community by doing trail maintenance on the Arizona Trail Elden Mountain Passage.


As mountain bikers, and some of them as returning trail builders, they have developed a great sense of how to sculpt a drain for good water flow and good trail flow. The students, in groups of three or four leapfrogged along the trail clearing old drains, digging new ones, and smoothing damaged tread. They are so proud of the work they do and rightly so! These youth can build drains to impress even adult professional trail crews!


After our work we always take a moment to reflect on WHY we give back to our trails, both the practical and the joyful. It is not only the duty of those who use trails to help maintain them, it is a privilege. A chance to connect with the land and our place in a powerful way.  


And of course, as always, they can’t wait to come back with their bikes and ride the improved piece of trail they repaired!