New Children’s Book Celebrates the Arizona Trail

Award-winning local author Rodo Sofranac just released the first-ever children’s book celebrating the Arizona Trail! The Red Tail Tale on the Arizona Trail is a full-color book featuring photographs, illustrations, and tons of educational material in 62 exciting pages. The book follows Rowen, a young, red-headed explorer, and Rojo, a clever, red-tailed hawk. The two meet, bond, and experience a wonderful adventure on the fascinating Arizona National Scenic Trail. It’s an incredible resource for kids of all ages!

The purpose of book is to give exposure to and provide a new funding source for the Arizona Trail Association. Up to 100% of the profits generated by this book are donated to the ATA’s Seeds of Stewardship program.

Order a few copies in the ATA Store, and look for them at your local bookstore or favorite outdoor retailer. ATA Members receive a discount when ordering online.