New Mug for Members!

We are excited to share the latest Arizona Trail Commemorative Mug! Handmade by Deneen Pottery, this fourth mug in the series features a scene of Grand Canyon National Park from the South Kaibab Trail portion of the Arizona National Scenic Trail, complete with a pair of California condors. These robust vessels are finished with a colored glaze inspired by the rock layers within the canyon. They’ll make whatever you enjoy drinking even more enjoyable.

Arizona Trail mugs are not for sale; they’re a membership benefit to anyone joining or renewing your membership at the Ironwood level ($100/year) and above. Just make sure you’re “opted-in” to receive your member perks.

“Descending into Grand Canyon is a major highlight of all Arizona Trail adventures, and it’s impossible to put into words the feeling of willingly taking those first steps into the abyss,” said Arizona Trail Association Executive Director (and former Grand Canyon backpacking guide) Matthew Nelson. “So we put the image on a mug to remind people of the inspiration and power that exist within this special place.”