Passage 12 – Oracle Ridge

October 15, 2017

Summit Hut and the Tucson Backpackers held an event on the passage 12a, clearing brush from the trail near the Control Road parking lot. This portion of trail has been impacted by multiple fires over the last 15 years, and the regrowth of plants like oak, locust and ceanothus is aggressive. Volunteers armed with loppers, saws and picks trimmed and grubbed out vegetation along approximately ¼ mile of trail. Summit Hut worked with Osprey packs to create a special edition daypack which was gifted to volunteers. Lunch was provided by Summerhaven’s Sawmill Restaurant and cookies by the Cookie Cabin. It was a great meeting of the hiking community and ATA business partners.

Thanks to everyone for their hard work!

Tucson Backpackers and Summit Hut with brand new Osprey logo packs!