Passage 13 – Oracle

February 15, 2017

Arizona Trail Volunteers Brave Cold and Wind on Trail Work Event
Volunteers from SaddleBrooke Hiking Club are hearty. Twenty one hikers joined forces with Zach McDonald and Shawn Redfield of the Arizona Trail Association and Gary Faulkenberry of Oracle State Park to improve almost 2 miles of the Arizona Trail north of American Flag Ranch TH. It took determined effort to hack out catclaw and rehab erosion control berms and ditches while cold winds were blowing off hats. The volunteers celebrated with delicious treats provided by Janis Reckheimer, Sandra Sowell and Jan Springer. The next work event on the Arizona Trail is Wednesday, March 15, departing from SaddleBrooke at 7:30 a.m. To join in this satisfying work and camaraderie call Mary Croft 651-270-1660 or Elisabeth Wheeler 520-818-1547.

Elisabeth Wheeler

BACK ROW: Ray Peale, Frank Earnest, Stan Smith, Fred Norris, Mike Wolters, Garrett Reising, Shawn Redfield, Terry Parrott, Tom Geiger, Linda Barbour, John Barbour, Norm Reckheimer, Dave Vermerris. FRONT ROW: Kathy Gish, Hyman, Beraznik, Tom Conrad, Marilynn Smith, Bruce Hale, Laurel Parrott, Mary Croft, Elisabeth Wheeler. PHOTO BY: Gary Faulkenberry