Passage 13 – Oracle

Large Group of Volunteers Work on the Arizona Trail in January

The Arizona National Scenic Trail from Mexico to Utah is a continual work in progress. The SaddleBrooke Hiking Club has adopted the Oracle Passage which goes along the east side of Oracle State Park. In January twenty seven hikers from SaddleBrooke improved a significant portion of the trail. Gary Faulkenberry of Oracle State Park and Zach McDonald of the Arizona Trail Association helped supervise the trail work. Additional work events will be held on Wednesday, February 15, and Wednesday, March 15. It’s fun to get outdoors and work with others on the trail for about 3 hours at a time. To participate in upcoming work events call Mary Croft 651-270-1660 or Elisabeth Wheeler 520-818-1547, trail co-stewards.

Elisabeth Wheeler

BACK ROW: Stan Smith, Fred Norris, David Vermerris, Ray Peale, Dave Streicher, Frank Earnest, Norm Rechkemmer, Dave Corrigan, Bob Garner, Pam Wakefield, Lenore Henninger, Joe Maurizzi, Joyce Maurrizi, Lonnee Plattner, Dan Plattner. MIDDLE ROW: Suzanne Bassett, Heidi Klepacki, Mary Croft, Mile Wolters, Kathy Gish, Jeff Traft, Lynda Green, Alison Tyler. FRONT ROW: Elisabeth Wheeler, Arlene Gerety, Melissa White, Marilynn Smith.