Passage 18 – Reavis Canyon

September 6, 2017

The USFS Globe Ranger District has long been a strong supporter of the AZT and the ATA. Through the cooperative effort between the District and the ATA, all AZT gates on the district are now the iconic super gates, the last one being, understandably, the most remote. Volunteers replaced the gate on Montana Mountain, located just south FR 650, this overly warm September day.

The gate and concrete mix were delivered the week prior. Today the crew made their way up FR 172 with tools and equipment and great intentions of whipping this one out by lunchtime. ATA’s new tracked hauler was pressed into service to move the gates, concrete mix, water and tools the last quarter-mile to the location. Tools were the first load; then crew members removed the old gate and began prepping the site. The existing wire gate had to be moved and reinstalled so the project included harvesting and setting a sturdy native post to be part of that gate.

The crew made slow but steady progress as the temperature climbed and the day slipped away. Come five o’clock AZT gate number 45 was finished.

Thanks to Roger, Joe and Richard who all have a good case for volunteer abuse.

Shawn Redfield