Passage 18 – Reavis Trail Canyon

A noted author of several popular Superstition hiking books recently reported that the sign located where the AZT joins (or leaves) FR 650, a mile south of Rogers Trough, showed the wrong trail number.  The ATA commissioned a new sign and volunteers installed it today.  Temperatures were climbing as the group made their way up the FR 172, never a casual drive.  They harvested a local juniper post, removed the erroneous placard and installed the new one.  Two crew members hiked the new section of AZT south of Rogers Trough and met the others at the trailhead for lunch before making their way down the mountain, back into the valley heat.  Thanks to Richard, John M. and Roger for another good stroke of work on the AZT.


The old sign is wrong and quite weathered.



John and Roger make a flat spot for the sign on the natural post. 


Then drill the bolt holes.

All done.