Passage 19 – Superstition Mountains

The Woodbury fire destroyed a great many things, some of which were the trail signs. Given the rapidly growing use of the AZT, the seriously altered landscape and the popularity of the AZT route through the Superstitions in general, replacing those signs is an Arizona Trail Association priority.

Volunteers have been working on replacing the burned and deteriorated signs for several months, and these efforts “hit the ground” today when they installed the first five signs (three posts). Three hardy souls replaced the Wilderness sign at Rogers Trough and the trail signs at the Pinto Trail junction and the Rogers Canyon junction.

As always, the road in was a challenge, being much rougher than in previous times over it, and with a couple white-knuckle spots where it crosses side drainages. Hopefully the FS gets out there soon before there’is a tragedy. It’s passable now but conditions will only continue to deteriorate with rainfall.

The work went well; it just took a long time. We harvested what posts were available-heavy oak logs near Rogers Trough and a perfect juniper post near the Rogers Canyon Junction. Then dig the post hole, drill holes in the post and signboard, bolt the signboards on as level as the eye can make them, and set the post, tamping it solidly because a wobbly post just won’t do. A youth crew arrived to work on the blowout below Reavis Pass so we pressed them into dragging the heavy oak post the last few hundred yards to the Wilderness sign–thank you!

The rain teased with a few sprinkles as we loaded up and made our way down the mountain; Roger nursed a low tire along successfully, and we finished up well after dark. That’s a half-days work in volunteer time (12 hours).

Still several signs to go, and none of them close to vehicle access, several more half-days remain.

It was heart-wrenching to see the destruction from the fire and floods, but it’ll come back, and there is no choice but to deal with it.

More fun on the AZT. Thanks Roger and John.



New sign at Rogers Canyon Junction


Wilderness sign just trail-north of Rogers Trough TH.


Pinto Trail junction.