Passage 21 – Saddle Mountain

A hiker’s report of deadfall on the AZT / Cross F trailhead connector was sufficient excuse to get out for the day.  We also wanted to check a gate location to see if the rock would allow us to dig in a steel gate and get the dimensions of the closure sign at Bushnell Tanks which we plan to replace.

We loaded the crosscut and some loppers just in case, and headed out. We parked in the old DPS site/new AZT access point lot, made our way through the recently installed gate and were soon at the deadfall.  We made quick work of that and another snag leaning across the trail.  Recent storm damage to a large nearby juniper provided three fence posts to be used in an upcoming fence project at the DPS site. Looking over a rise we saw several other burned and dead junipers so we harvested a few more. Sorry Home Depot, these cost only labor and will outlast any treated post.

Then back down Highway 87 to the Bushnell Tank gate and a quick walk to the gate at the connection point followed. We carried the manual jackhammer with us and “tested” the rock. All agreed we can likely dig enough of a hole to install an AZT supergate there, likely soon before things warm up.

Another fun day on the AZT. Thanks Richard and John.